Got a lot of stuff?

Need help? Steamline your space!

Sort it out with Susan!!

Having organized spaces saves time!
Having organized spaces eliminates confusion!
Having organized spaces provides peace and enjoyment at home and at work!
Having organized spaces provides the inspiration to set and achieve life changing goals!

If you live in South Florida full time or are here for just a season, our backyard provides a lifestyle most people only dream of… Tropical weather, breathtaking landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Yet with our paradise comes one catch… Attics, basements, large garages – they don’t come with an ocean or golf-course view!

Whether you’re a growing family with young children or a family with visiting grandchildren, a new home buyer or an upcoming empty nester, an up and coming business owner or a career veteran ready to slow down- we all feel like we lack space, there’s not enough room or we just can’t fit it all in.

As a South Floridian, professional and mother, I know the need to eliminate the extras in order to create spaces that can bring clarity, simplicity and inspiration to reach your life goals.

Specializing in:

  • Room or whole house organizing/downsizing
  • Evaluating goals, deciding on tasks, providing guidance for decisions and implementing organizational needs
  • Home or off-site office spaces
  • Direct paper management decisions, implement filing systems, provide skill training for maintenance, room arrangement.